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PASS Summit brings together an unmatched roster of top SQL Server experts and speakers to present in-depth technical sessions, workshops, and hands-on labs. Not only will you hear renowned SQL Server community stars and Microsoft experts, you could also be introduced to our future leaders as PASS Summit encourages and supports new presenters from our community.

PASS Summit Unite 2009 speakers include:

Srini Acharya, Microsoft Corp. - Post-Con
Lindsey Allen, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Klaus Aschenbrenner, EDS - Spotlight               
Gopal Ashok, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Sarah Barela, MaximumASP - Session
Trevor Barkhouse, Terremark Worldwide, Inc. - Session
Boris Baryshnikov, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Andras Belokosztolszki, GoldenGate Software - Session
Itzik Ben-Gan, Solid Quality Mentors - Spotlight, Post-Con, Speaker Q&A
Glenn Berry, NewsGator Technologies - Session, Session
Paul Bertucci
,  Database Architechs - Session
Kevin Beto, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Karthik Bharathy, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Richard Bolesta, Computer Associates - Session
Jamon Bowen, Texas Memory Systems - Session
Dan Bulos
, Symmetry Corp. - Session
Jason Burns, Microsoft Corp. - Session
David Campbell, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Tom Casey, Microsoft Corp. - Keynote
Pablo Castro, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Liam Cavanagh, Microsoft Corp. - Session, Session, Session
Joe Celko
, Independent Contractor - Session
Kun Cheng, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Denny Cherry
, Awareness Technologies - Session
Albert Chew, Microsoft Corp. - Session, Session
Rod Colledge
,  Independent Consultant - Session
John Cook
, Independent Contractor - Session
Louis Davidson
, CBN - Session, Post-Con, Speaker Q&A
Peter DeBetta
, SQLblog - Session, Spotlight
Kalen Delaney
, SQLearning - Pre-Con, Spotlight, Speaker Q&A
David J. DeWitt, Microsoft Corp. - Keynote
Clifford Dibble, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Howie Dickerman, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Grant Dickinson, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Ralf Dietrich
, datafino GmbH - Session
Meir Dudai
, Valinor - Session
Randy Dyess
, Solid Quality Mentors - Session
Ola Ekdahl
, IT Mentors - Session
Dave Fackler
, Rolling Hills Enterprises, Inc. - Session, Session
Kevin Farlee, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Alberto Ferrari
, SQLBI - Session
Jesse Fountain, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Grant Fritchey
, FM Global - Session, Spotlight
Don Gabor
, Independent Consultant - Pre-Con, Speaker Q&A
Rob Garrison
, WebMD - Session
Torsten Grabs, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Thomas Grohser
, bwin Interactive Entertainment AG - Spotlight
Kevin Guinn
, Dell, Inc. - Session
Ravindra Gurram
, Dell, Inc. - Session
Charley Hanania, QS2 AG - Session
John Hancock, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Steve Handy, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Eric Hanson, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Erin Hardiman, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Shon Hauck, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Rick Heiges
, Scalability Experts - Session, Session
Scott Heimendinger, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Chuck Heinzelman
, Big Hammer Data - Session
Allan Hirt
, Megahirtz, LLC - Session
Clas Hortien, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Victor Isakov
, SQL Server Solutions - Session
Abirami Iyer, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Reed Jacobson
, Hitachi Consulting - Session, Session
Alex James, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Pej Javaheri, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Jonathan Kehayias
, OSI Restaurant Partners - Session
Thomas Kejser, Microsoft Corp. - Session, Spotlight
Brian Kelley
, AgFirst Farm Credit Bank - Session
Andrew Kelly
, Solid Quality Mentors - Spotlight, Post-Con, Speaker Q&A
Don Kiely
, Independent Consultant - Session
Jay Kint, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Kevin Kline, Quest Software - Session, Session
Brian Knight
, Pragmatic Works - Pre-Con, Spotlight, Speaker Q&A
Nikunj Koolar, Microsoft Corp. - Spotlight
Ted Kummert, Microsoft Corp. - Keynote
Brian Larson
, Superior Consulting Services - Session
Denny Lee, Microsoft Corp. - Session, Session
Il-Sung Lee, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Andy Leonard
, Unisys Corporation - Session, Spotlight
Ross LoForte, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Tres London, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Greg Low, SolidQ Australia Pty. Ltd. - Spotlight
Adam Machanic
, SQLblog.com - Pre-Con, Spotlight, Speaker Q&A
Jason Massie
, Terremark - Session
Matt Masson, Microsoft Corp. - Session, Session
Davide Mauri
, Solid Quality Mentors Italia - Session
Jimmy May, Microsoft Corp. - Session
John Mcallister, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Sabrina McBride, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Patric McElroy
, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Brad McGehee
, Red Gate Software - Session, Session
Denise McInerney
, Intuit - Session
William McKnight
, McKnight Consulting Group - Session
Prem Mehra, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Rushabh Mehta, Solid Quality Mentors - Session
Bob Meyers, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Sanjay Mishra, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Stacia Misner
, Data Inspirations - Session, Session
Ross Mistry
, Convergent Computing - Session, Session
Pravin Mittal, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Jessica Moss
, Solid Quality Mentors - Session
Bob Muglia
, Microsoft Corp. - Keynote
Joy Mundy
, Kimball Group - Session
Peter Myers
, Solid Quality Mentors - Pre-Con, Session, Speaker Q&A
Ben Nevarez
, AIG - Session
Amir Netz
, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Paul Nielsen
, www.SQLServerBible.com - Spotlight, Post-Con, Speaker Q&A
David Noor, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Herain Oberoi, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Diego Oppenheimer, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Brent Ozar, Quest Software - Session, Session, Session
Stuart Ozer, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Sze-Yunn Pang, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Burzin Patel, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Lukasz Pawlowski, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Carl Perry, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Nathan Peterson, SDG Computing, Inc. - Session
Tim Peterson, SDG Computing, Inc. - Session
Maciej Pilecki, Project Botticelli Ltd. - Session, Spotlight
David Pless, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Alyson Powell Erwin, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Susan Price, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Carl Rabeler, Microsoft Corp. - Session, Session
Srik Raghavan, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Raghu Ram, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Paul Randal
, SQLskills.com - Spotlight, Post-Con
Plamen Ratchev
, Tangra, Inc. - Session
Arnie Rowland
, Westwood Consulting, Inc. - Session
Jean-Rene Roy
, Technologies Softdesign, Inc. - Session
Lara Rubbelke, Microsoft Corp. - Spotlight
Marco Russo, SQLBI - Session, Session
Michael Rys, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Dipti Sangani, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Dejan Sarka, Solid Quality Mentors - Session
Adam Saxton, Microsoft Corp. - Pre-Con, Speaker Q&A
Roman Schindlauer, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Jacob Sebastian, Beyond Relational - Session
Gail Shaw
, XpertEase - Session, Spotlight
Prash Shirolkar, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Daniel Simmons, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Steve Simon, State Street Corporation - Session, Session
John Sirmon, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Wayne Snyder
, Mariner - Spotlight
Jason Strate
, Digineer, Inc. - Session
Michael Tejedor, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Tobias Ternstrom, Microsoft Corp. - Session, Session
Juergen Thomas, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Michael Thomassy, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Warren Thornthwaite
, Kimball Group - Session, Spotlight
Kimberly Tripp, SQLskills.com - Pre-Con, Spotlight, Post-Con
Paul Turley
, Hitachi Consulting - Session
Michelle Ufford
, GoDaddy - Session
Craig Utley
, Solid Quality Mentors - Session, Session
Kendal Van Dyke
, Channel Intelligence - Session
Erik Veerman
, Solid Quality Mentors - Spotlight, Post-Con, Speaker Q&A 
Max Verun, Microsoft Corp. - Pre-Con
Don Vilen
, Scalability Experts - Session
Bob Ward, Microsoft Corp. - Spotlight
Peter Ward
, WARDY IT Solutions - Spotlight
Vaughn Washington, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Chris Webb, Crossjoin Consulting Limited - Session
Joe Webb, WebbTech Solutions, LLC - Session, Spotlight
John Welch, Mariner - Session, Session
Erin Welker
, ENF Consulting - Spotlight
Emily Wilson, Microsoft Corp. - Session
Allen White
, Scalability Experts - Session
Buck Woody, Microsoft Corp. - Session, Session, Session
Joe Yong
, Scalability Experts - Session
Noel Yuhanna, Forrester Research - Session

Meet The Speakers

  Speaker Q&As 

Don't miss it as top SQL Server and BI experts go on the record with PASS:

Itzik Ben-Gan: Beware the NOLOCK Hint and Other Tips

Louis Davidson & Paul Nielsen: Stand Up for Excellent Database Design

Kalen Delaney: The Biggest Transaction Log Myth

Don Gabor: Trouble Breaking the Ice? You're Not Alone

Andrew Kelly: Wait Stats Can't Wait

Brian Knight: Delivering Value with Agile Data Warehouse Development

Adam Machanic: Who's Afraid of SQLCLR?

Peter Myers: BI Within Reach

Adam Saxton: Inside CSS: Tricks for Troubleshooting SSRS

Erik Veerman: Data Warehousing Friends & Enemies

Stay tuned for more!




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