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Specialty Subtracks

To quickly and easily find sessions on the topics you’re most interested in—no matter which track they’re in—check out these specialty subtracks:

  • Consolidation: Get your database sprawl under control with consolidation best practices
  • Data Warehousing: Maximize the ROI of your data warehouse through better management and reporting
  • Management: Learn about management tools and policies that will make you a more efficient DBA
  • Performance Tuning: Keep your database running smoothly and reduce performance-related headaches with tips and tricks from tuning experts
  • Security: Keep your database locked down with the latest SQL Server security and compliance features
  • SharePoint: Find everything you need to know about SharePoint and SQL Server: configuration, management, tuning, and more!
  • SQL Server “Always On” Series (HA): Learn what it takes to keep your databases running and your users happy

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SQL Server Consolidation and Virtualization: Myths, Realities and Best Practices (DBA-406-S)
Joe Yong, Scalability Experts

Don't Wait! Consolidate on SQL Server 2008! (DBA-407)
Rick Heiges, Scalability Experts

SQLCAT SQL Server Consolidation Series - Consolidation and Virtualization Best Practices and Recommendations (DBA-304-SA)
Lindsey Allen, Microsoft SQLCAT

SQL Server Consolidation Series - Anatomy of a SQL Server Consolidation Project (DBA-305-M)
Clifford Dibble, Microsoft Corp


Data Warehousing

Kimball Approach Dimensional Modeling across SQL Server and SSAS (BIA-312-S)
Warren Thornthwaite, Kimball Group

The DW/BI System Lifecycle Overview the Kimball Approach (BIA-107)
Warren Thornthwaite, Kimball Group

ETL from the Trenches: Using SSIS in the Real World (BIA-333)
Dave Fackler, Rolling Hills Enterprises, Inc.

Loading a Data Warehouse with SSIS (BIA-329-S)
Brian Knight, Pragmatic Works

SQLBI Methodology (BIA-411)
Marco Russo, SQLBI

ETL: The Linchpin for the Complete Data Warehouse (BIA-431)
Joy Mundy, Kimball Group

Automating Your Data Warehouse (BIA-405-S)
Erin Welker, ENF Consulting

SQLCAT: Madison Overview and Madison Technology Preview Results (BIA-208-A)
Jesse Fountain, Microsoft SQLCAT

Jump-Start to Data Warehouse Data Modeling and Architecture (BIA Post-Con)
Erik Veerman, Solid Quality Mentors


Care and Feeding of the Transaction Log (DBA Pre-Con)
Kalen Delaney, SQLearning

Disaster Recovery: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques (DBA Post-Con)
Paul Randal & Kimberly Tripp, SQLskills.com

The Ultimate Free SQL Server Toolkit (DBA-131)
Kevin Kline, Quest Software

SQL Server 2008 Manageability Features (DBA-428-S)
Peter Ward, WARDY IT Solutions

Using Policy-Based Management to Manage Your Environment (DBA-450)
Randy Dyess, Solid Quality Mentors

Overcoming SSIS Deployment and Configuration Challenges (BIA-334)
Rushabh Mehta, Solid Quality Mentors

Proactive DBA: Manage SQL Server Better (DBA-327-M)
Ross LoForte, Microsoft Corp.

SQL Server Data-Tier Application Lifecycle Management: Why and How (AD-326-M)
Karthik Bharathy, Microsoft Corp.

Manageability Series: Understand and Troubleshoot with Policy-Based Management and Data Collector (DBA-341-M)
Buck Woody, Microsoft Corp.

Advanced Policy-Based Management for the Enterprise Using the Enterprise Policy Framework (DBA-349-M)
Lara Rubbelke, Microsoft Corp.

Manageability Series: Microsoft SQL Server Automation on Steroids, Including PowerShell Support (DBA-350-M)
Buck Woody, Microsoft Corp.

TempDB Configuration and Management in SQL Server 2008 (DBA-365-M)
Dipti Sangani, Microsoft Corp.

Performance Tuning

SQL Server 2005/2008: Indexing for Performance (DBA Pre-Con)
Kimberly Tripp & Paul Randal, SQLskills.com

Query and Index Tuning for SQL Server 2005 and 2008 (AD Post-Con)
Itzik Ben-Gan, Solid Quality Mentors

Practical Performance Monitoring and Troubleshooting (DBA Post-Con)
Andrew Kelly, Solid Quality Mentors

Insight into Indexes (DBA-315)
Gail Shaw, XpertEase

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics (DBA-338-S)
Gail Shaw, XpertEase

SQL Server Covering: Concepts, Concerns & Costs (DBA-340-S)
Kimberly Tripp, SQLskills.com

Practical Performance Monitoring and Troubleshooting for the Graduated Beginner but not yet Expert (DBA-347)
Joe Yong, Scalability Experts

Getting to Know Your Indexes (DBA-348)
Jason Strate, Digineer, Inc.

The Problem with Parallelism... (DBA-437)
Victor Isakov, SQL Server Solutions

Identifying SQL Server Performance Problems Using SQL Trace (DBA-444)
Brad McGehee, Red Gate Software

Capturing and Analyzing File & Wait Stats (DBA-445-S)
Andrew Kelly, Solid Quality Mentors

How the Query Optimizer Works (DBA-453)
Ben Nevarez, AIG

Advanced SQL Server 2008 Extended Events: Performance Profiling and Troubleshooting Techniques (DBA-503-S)
Adam Machanic (SQLblog.com)

Dr. DMV: How to Use Dynamic Management Views to Monitor and Diagnose Performance Issues with High Volume OLTP Workloads (DBA-514)
Glenn Berry, NewsGator Technologies

SQL Server Execution Plans from Compilation to Caching to Reuse (DBA-554)
Maciej Pilecki, Project Botticelli Ltd.

SQL Server Efficiencies: Sparse Columns and Filtered Indexes (AD-413)
Don Kiely, Don Kiely

Tips and Tricks for Using SQL Server 2008 Integrated Full Text Search in a High-Volume OLTP Environment (AD-414)
Glenn Berry, NewsGator Technologies

Super Bowl, Super Load - A Look at Performance Tuning for VLDBs (AD-321)
Michelle Ufford, GoDaddy

Enhance Your T-SQL to Perform Better (AD-336)
Joe Webb, WebbTech Solutions, LLC

Best Practices for Working with Execution Plans (AD-419-S)
Grant Fritchey, FM Global

Making Effective Use of the Plan Cache (AD-520-S)
Greg Low, SolidQ Australia Pty Ltd

Creative Approaches to Large Dimensions in Analysis Services (BIA-320)
Reed Jacobson, Hitachi Consulting

SQLCAT: Designing High Performance I/O for SQL Server (DBA-420-A)
Thomas Kejser, Microsoft SQLCAT

Scaling SQL Server Beyond 64 Hardware Threads on Window 2008 R2: Challenges, Scalability Numbers, and Best Practices (DBA-358-M)
Pravin Mittal, Microsoft Corp.

SQL Server Data Warehouse Query Acceleration: Under the Hood (DBA-477-M)
Eric Hanson, Microsoft Corp.

Disk Partition Alignment: Increase Disk I/O Throughput by 10%, 30%, or More - The Best Kept Secret in SQL Server Disk I/O Performance (DBA-336-M)
Jimmy May, Microsoft Corp.

Using SQL Server 2008 for Performance Tuning (DBA-342-M)
Buck Woody, Microsoft Corp.

SQL Server 2005/2008 Performance Tuning and Optimization Techniques (DBA-390-C)
David Pless, Microsoft CSS

Scaling Online Transaction Processing Applications with SQL Server 2008 (DBA-359-M)
Srik Raghavan, Microsoft Corp.

Optimizing SQL Server 2008 Applications using Table Valued Parameters, XML and MERGE (AD-339-M)
Tobias Ternstrom, Microsoft Corp.


A Checklist of Best Practices for Securing Reporting Services (BIA-338)
Stacia Misner, Data Inspirations

Securing and Hardening a SQL Server Implementation - Notes from the Field (DBA-363)
Ross Mistry, Convergent Computing

Panel Discussion: SQL Injection (AD-304)
Arnie Rowland, Westwood Consulting, Inc.

SQLCAT: Addressing Security and Compliance Issues with SQL Server 2008 (DBA-361-A)
Denny Lee, Microsoft SQLCAT

Auditing in SQL Server 2008 (DBA-364-M)
Il-Sung Lee, Microsoft Corp.



Delivering Business Intelligence to the Masses (BID Pre-Con)
Peter Myers, Solid Quality Mentors

Introduction to PerformancePoint Services - Creating Dashboards is as easy as 1, 2, 3 (BID-313-M)
Jason Burns, Microsoft Corp.

Reporting Services - SharePoint 12 & 14 Integration (BIA-318-M)
Prash Shirolkar, Microsoft Corp.

SQLCAT: SharePoint on SQL Server - Implementation, Configuration and Tuning (DBA-333-A)
Burzin Patel, Microsoft SQLCAT

Business Intelligence in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 (BID-217-M)
Pej Javaheri, Microsoft Corp.

What's New in PerformancePoint Services 2010 (BID-309)
Tim Kashani, IT Mentors

Enabling Analysis with Excel Services (BID-104)
Stacia Misner, Data Inspirations

Monitor Your Business with PerformancePoint Services Monitoring and Analytics (BID-308)
Craig Utley, Solid Quality Mentors

Advanced Dashboard creation with PerformancePoint Services (BID-218-M)
Steve Handy, Microsoft Corp.

Advanced BI Capabilities in Excel & Excel Services (BID-202-M)
Diego Oppenheimer, Microsoft Corp.

Microsoft Business Intelligence in 2010 (BIA-202-M), Michael Tejedor, Microsoft Corp.


SQL Server "Always On" Series (HA)

Live: Installation, Rolling Upgrade and Patch of SQL Server 2008/R2 Failover Clusters on Windows Server 2008 R2 (DBA Pre-Con)
Max Verun, Farzan Ratistari & Uttam Parui, Microsoft Corp.

Upgrade to SQL Server 2008 Database Mirroring as Fast as You Can! For HA and Distributed Workloads Topologies (DBA-316)
Paul Bertucci, Database Architechs

Solid State Disks and SQL 2008: High Availability and Performance (DBA-322)
Jamon Bowen, Texas Memory Systems

The Magic of Replication: What’s New in SQL Server 2008 Replication? (DBA-355)
Meir Dudai, Valinor

Transactional Replication: Beyond the Basics (DBA-356)
Kendal Van Dyke, Channel Intelligence

Advanced Failover Clustering Installation Techniques with SQL Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 (DBA-518)
Allan Hirt, Megahirtz LLC

DRP101: Learn the Difference Between Your Log and Your Cluster (DBA-102)
Brent Ozar, Quest Software

SQL Server Always On Series: Part 1: Building a High Availability Strategy for Your Enterprise (DBA-323-M)
Gopal Ashok, Microsoft Corp.

SQL Server Always On Series: Part 2: SQL Server Failover Clustering Deep Dive (DBA-317-SM)
Nikunj Koolar, Microsoft Corp.

SQLCAT: SQL Server Always On Series: Part 3: SQLCAT Customer Deployments, Best Practices & Panel Discussion (DBA-424-A)
Prem Mehra, Microsoft SQLCAT


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Database & Application Development

BI Platform Architecture, Development and Administration (New)

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