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PASS Community Summit 2009: Pre-Conference Sessions (BI Platform Architecture, Development and Administration Track)

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Tackling Top Reporting Services Issues

Adam Saxton


Session Details

Have you ever wanted to see what CSS does with the data you provide them?  Have you wondered what tricks they know?  This is your chance!  We will look at some of the top issues we receive from the Support side and show you what we do to troubleshoot them.  This will include, but not limited to:


The issues we look at in this area will lead into how to interpret the server logs and what changes can be made to get more details.  It will also lead us into configuration settings and how this can impact processing and rendering of reports along with system resources.  These will also include areas such as Subscriptions, Forms based Authentication (i.e. custom security extensions) along with a Single Sign On scenario and System Resource issues (Memory, I/O, etc..).

Report Design

We will go over Pagination issues and what are some thing we can do to mitigate those types of issues.  We will also look at issues that will lead into different settings that can be set when designing your reports and how those can affect the layout of your report.


Integration with SharePoint is always a hot topic and we will go over some of the hurdles you may encounter when trying to set this up and how to avoid them.  This will range from initial setup and configuration to usage within the Document Libraries.


We’ll look at how Kerberos relates to Reporting Services.  We continue to see issues in this area and we’ll look at what you need to do to get this working correctly along with how to figure out what is wrong if it fails.  This will include looking at Constrained Delegation along with the differences between Native and SharePoint integrated modes.
These items will also lead into discussions about how Reporting Services works internally.  We will also have time to answer question you may have about the product or about how to identify and correct issues.


Q&A with Adam
Q: It seems people always have pagination and report layout questions. What generates the most Reporting Services-related problem reports? What are the most common issues you see?
A: A: Processing and rendering are the big areas. But pagination is always complicated because of the number of options available to the Report Designer. We get a lot of calls asking, “Why do I have a blank page when I export to X.” Since SQL Server 2008 shipped, we’ve started seeing questions related to the differences between the soft page break renders vs. hard page break renders, which tie back into the pagination issues. That and SharePoint configuration and setup are probably the most consistent issues I see. However, we get lots of issues in the processing and rendering areas related to parameters, subreports within Tablix controls, and so on. It’s always amazing to see what people can do with reports.

Read the rest of Adam's conversation with PASS here. 


About the Speaker

Adam Saxton is a Senior Support Escalation Engineer based at the Microsoft Customer Service and Support site in Irving, Texas and has worked with the SQL group since 2005. His primary focus are connectivity issues to SQL Server and Reporting Services. He has been in the computer industry for 12+ years which encompassed Windows Platform support, Web and Database Development and currently the SQL Server support group. He is also a regular contributor to the PASS SQL Blog.

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