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99% of Summit 2008 attendees said PASS Summit ‘Met or Exceeded Expectations’. 99% also said they would recommend PASS Summit to their SQL Server colleagues.

Check out what the winners of the "Best Thing I Learned at PASS Summit" contest have to say about PASS Summit's value.

Here are just a few quotes from PASS Summit 2008 attendees:

“I received help and advice on a couple issues important to my work that more than paid for my attendance.”

Reading about PASS Summit sessions will never match up to the experience of actually attending PASS Summit in person. I met and spoke with people from over a dozen different countries. There were many MVP's at the Summit which was simply awesome since I got to meet and hang out with the people who been teaching me SQL Server for the last 4 years.”

“I attended with one main thought in mind: Don't just show me, teach me. I was not disappointed! Great conference!”

“I wasn't sure I'd get a lot out of the Summit, because I figured I could read about anything I needed to online.  However, I left the Summit with a whole list of topics that I didn't know I needed to read about.”

“Outstanding presentations by SQL Server geniuses.”

“Great conference! I really love the practical user focus of the sessions.”

“Really love the SQL PASS conference. The content is excellent. Especially loved having all the MS employees there - it was great to be able to chat with MS devs at lunch. Overall, very well done!”

“Great conference. ‘Ask the Experts’ was the most valuable part.”

“When working with SQL Server, you have to be there...”

“If you're not here, start making plans to be here next year.  Or to go to the European Summit next Spring. It's worth it!

“[‘PASS High’] is a natural high from an amazing week of camaraderie and learning and mayhem.  Each year I attend, I come back with this High and hope it doesn’t go away.  It’s enjoyable to have the SQL endorphins running through my system. Menial tasks seem to take on an extra significance. Rote discussions seem to trigger latent memories of learned skills from sessions attended. Life simply seems more enjoyable and less dull.”

“This was probably the most fun I have had at a professional event. I met lots of people that I would have otherwise never spoken with. The whole event was impressive and a little overwhelming for a first timer.”

Need more reasons to attend? Get ROI ammunition.

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